Nabo Entutua is a training and demonstration center we are developing at Kongoni, Moi Ndabi area, 38kms off Naivasha town.  Nabo Entutua meaning one basket; envisions bringing different communities together to share ideas, participate in practical lessons and learn best practices in areas that will foster holistic sustainable community development. The center will be open to community members and institutions seeking training and information in our four areas of focus; Servant Leadership, Economic Empowerment, Animal husbandry and Conservation Agriculture. It is expected that these will birth transformed community leadership, increased yields and improve livelihoods.

We envisage families having access to clean drinking water, good healthcare, education, food security and socio-economic power through micro & small-scale enterprises initiated and ran by rural community members.  They will appreciate the merits of engaging in healthy leadership and sound financial management in addition to embracing agribusiness in areas of crop farming, poultry, pig and rabbit rearing, cattle and fish farming among many others.

Primary and secondary schools in Moi Ndabi and neighouring communities will also benefit from this training center and gain more insight on the fundamental importance of finding solutions to needs affecting their communities.  At this formative stage, we shall grow sustainable societies.